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Sunrise with Korie
October 23, 2020

As a photographer I know there are two prime times of the day to take photographs — right after sunrise and right before sunset. The other little known fact is normally the wind also dies down for a short while during these periods of time. Well this morning was an exception, and tt was very windy. Initially I was very skeptical about even shooting, however after a brief discussion we decided to go ahead seeing that Korie, the model, had brought a friend who could help me with the lighting. As we started shooting the air began to fill with the fine El Paso dust and it began to look almost like we were on Mars. It was stunning.

This session at Red Sands in El Paso, Texas was one of my more challenging sessions of 2020 because of the weather, but the results made battling the wind worth while. Thank you Korie for your patience as we worked through this session, and thank you Destiny for getting up so early to help get her makeup and hair done.

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