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The artistic gene runs deep in my family. I grew up surrounded by artist of all kinds and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with drawing and painting. I would spend hours sketching and learning to accurately translate what my eye say onto paper. In high school I took two years of college art where I first began to learn about composition, color theory, and how to use light to create depth. This became the backbone of my later foray into photography.

In the mid 80’s I was introduced to the fashion industry while working for my father during the summers in downtown Los Angles. At the time he was working closely with companies like Jordache and Guess to develop the techniques to create so many of the styles we commonly see today. I fell in love with Vogue magazine as they displayed the talents of so many designers and photographers alike. As a teen I remember having a crush on many of the models used in the makeup ads and I would use these advertisements to practice my sketching.

After high school I attended California State University Long Beach where I got my Bachelor’s in Fine Art, with a focuss in graphic design. For the next 15+ years I worked in several roles, both in design agencies and in-house departments, developing marketing and advertising materials. I lead design teams which produced content for both national and international markets. My favorite part of this was working closely with photographers in the planning, production and post production phases. I had the pleasure of working with companies like: Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Shenandoah Cabinetry, American Woodmark, Simply Amish, and more. Look at what one of my key clients and photographers said about my work.

Ryan has successfully collaborated in the development of many Rubbermaid design and print projects. Very multi-talented, Ryan is a gifted designer and an extremely efficient project manager. His vendor work for Rubbermaid has included catalogs, brochures, direct mail and other design related collateral. He is especially effective at ensuring compliance with the processes and standards of Rubbermaid. Ryan embraces his responsibilities and is proactive in finding opportunities for continual design and process improvement.Alan Scott
As an art director, Ryan arrives well prepared and is very clear in his direction. Working with Ryan always feels like a well balanced collaborative effort.Andy Frank

In 2013 I went to work for a non-profit doing humanitarian work in Central America and Mexico. I got to tell the stories of impovershed people through my photography while getting to know them and the joy seemed to flow from them even in their hardships. This changed me greatly — helping me see the world in a different light, and the value of telling peoples stories became so important for me, because often what we see on the outside isn’t a true reflection of what is going on with that person.

That brings me to where I am today. As I transition out of my work in the non-profit sector I am still passionate about telling stories, whether it be for personal use or a business. I’m passionate about empowering and encouraging people by highlighting their strengths through photography and giving them confidence to walk out in them. With that in mind I would love to work with you and create something magical in that place where beauty and art collide.

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