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Savannah Boudoir Session – Aug 2022
September 23, 2022

For all my sessions I find it essential to have a discussion with my clients before the session — this is especially important for boudoir shoots. This consultation can take many forms. It can be done in person, through a phone call, or email. My preference is to do this through a phone call or in person, because I feel that it helps to develop the connection that is required to obtain the best results for you photography session.

In Savannah’s case we had worked together previously so we had our discussions via text, but the process was the same. I asked what she was looking for and she sent me some examples and ideas she had for wardrobe. This discussion gave me enough information so that when the day of the session arrived I had a plan for how to best capture the images she was looking for.

Boudoir Photograph of woman standing in front of a mirror.
Boudoir image of woman wearing lingerie.
Portrait photo of woman during boudoir session.
Boudoir photo of woman laying on couch wearing lingerie.
Woman laying on her side on the couch and wearing corset.
Woman kneeling on a couch wearing corset and heels.