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El Paso Maternity Photographer | The beauty of motherhood
February 24, 2022

Motherhood is such a magic and beautiful thing that begins even before a baby is born. I have seen so many mothers over the years building their love and relationship with their child while it was still in the womb. I’ve seen babies moving and I’ve even photographed a baby’s head as it pushed against it’s mother’s belly. I’ve known women who have said carrying their child was the best experience of their lives, and others who have said it was the worst. Each preganancy is vastly different, just like the child that is about to enter the world. Honesly even after having three kids the whole process still just amazes me.

I also feel that being pregnant is one of the most beautiful times in any woman’s life and one that should be captured. Contact me today to discuss setting up your session and lets document this magical time.

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