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Beauty Photographer | Intense Beauty
January 28, 2022

As a beauty portrait photographer I strive to bring out the beauty that is in each of my subjects. It is this idea that drives my entire the process; from planning, to selecting makeup style, to lighting, to posing and to editing. As I edit I only accentuate what is already there. I do believe though, that part of what makes us beautiful is our imperfections. I feel that something is lost when the skin of my subjects are made to look like plastic, with not flaws.

For this beauty portrait photograph we were creating a high end look. Something that communicated class and beauty. Hannah did a great job as always posing for this.

Hannah by beauty portrait photographer Ryan Stead.
Intense beauty portrait by Ryan Stead

As an example, in this beauty portrait photo of Hannah I smoothed out her skin a little, but left the texture of her pores. She had a few blemishes, which I removed, and fixed the texture to match the surrounding area. I also added a few highlights, but overall, I left her essence. I’ve posted thumbnails with a close-up to demonstrate the before and after of this process.

Editing example 1
Editing example 2

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