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Conger Wedding February 26, 2021
July 4, 2022

One of the things I love about doing wedding photography is I get to capture images that allow people to step back in time to relive those special memories. It is the very reason that artists over the centuries have created paintings, tapestries, and now most commonly photography. Like art I believe it is essential that my clients get prints and albums of their weddings — as I believe having something tangible/physical allows them to create a unique connection with their event and share their stories with others in ways that cannot be done via digital means alone. Think about how having an album on the coffee table can start a million conversations with friends, family, and one day their kids.

It is also lovely everything comes together, including the weather, to give you such a beautiful couple and evening to work with. Even though we got a perfect El Paso sunset, it took proper planning of the wedding day to allow for us to take advantage of this time of day. So as you plan your day it is important to allow the photographer to make their contributions help ensure your expectations to be met.

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