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Bridal Session with Jenaive and Abby
January 26, 2022

This was a collaborative project with Bridal Novias, a local El Paso wedding and Quince Botique. We wanted to feature several of their new dresses coming into their lineup. Abeautiful location was chosen that overlooked the west side of El Paso, with lovely railings and balconies.

It is not often recommended to shoot in direct sunlight as the results can be harsh and unpleasing, but as the day wanes and the sun gets lower interesting shadows begin to appear and the magic begins to happen.

This is why I highly recommend that weddings take place later in the day for outdoor weddings. It is also super important to be aware of where the sun will be as you plan out your event so that the sun is not directly behind the bride and groom. Not only will your guests be blinded, but it will be almost impossible to capture good photographs of the event. If you notice in the center photograph the sun is slightly offset and behind a pillar. There is also a large flash umbrella being used to brighten up the shadows.

Model: Abby
Model: Jenaive
Makeup: Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio LLC
Dress: Bridal Novias

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